How Greenlight Services LLC Was Established

April Ross founded Greenlight Services LLC in August of 2014. Since then, she has serviced different clients that included well-known cable companies and home appliance repair centers. She has also personally and virtually served as a customer service representative and a secretary for several companies.

How Green Light Services LLC Was Established

Work Experience and Certifications

April has more than 20 years of experience providing administrative support/customer service. She holds a certification in office specialty services such as being a notary and signing agent. April has also worked full-time for various companies, including Virtual Call Centers, Electronic Data Services, and more.

About the Founder


What Brought April to Create Greenlight Services LLC

Over the years, April has been providing services to many local clients. Before Greenlight Services LLC, she worked for several different companies while attending school full time. She assisted individuals with tasks that she rarely had enough time for herself and her family.

Then, a very good friend, who was a voice in a chat on Facebook Recruiting for the Arise opportunity, shared honest info with her about Arise Virtual Solutions. At the time, she didn’t realize it would change her life for the better due to a recent move to a different state. But she started the process and within a month, she got her first client opportunity.

Within a year, April was meeting and exceeding all metrics in quality and revenues. By 2016, she saw a huge difference in income and work-life balance. She had more flexibility to schedule her own hours of work and, most importantly, she was able to spend more time with her family and still meet her commitments to all of her clients.

What Challenges She Has Encountered

One of the challenges April has encountered is finding people who would be able to work and produce high-quality results. People who would make great work-at-home professionals are skeptical because of the up-front costs.

When she started, April paid $225. She was not skeptical because she wanted and needed a change and was willing to take a chance. She knew that when you are investing in an opportunity, you have to pay for an education in school, licensing, and certification.

Whether it’s a work-at-home position or selling hot dogs, you’re making an investment. This is investing in your own success, and any business opportunity will need a start-up cost. Work-at-home opportunities are great. You’ll find some positives, some negatives, and it’s up to everyone to do the research. It’s possible to be successful and create your own lifestyle, just as long as you understand what you put in is what you get out.

Aside from being a business-minded woman, April is also a hard-working wife, mom of four children, and a grandma of three.

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Words from the Founder

My Name is April Ross! My purpose of starting Greenlight Services is to help bridge the gap in the community between professional services and those looking to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. I love helping those in the community with different work options that may be small gigs or establishing lucrative work-at-home careers. I am happiest when I am sharing my knowledge with others and providing support to businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs. I look forward to growing my network and establishing a lasting relationship.