Partner Now

Partner Now
Becoming a client – To partner with Greenlight Services, LLC  enter EIN# 83-147559 on the Arise Portal. If you’re transferring from a current IBO (Independent Business Owner) please email if you have questions text us or call at (734-772-6800   What you can expect from your partnership:

What you can expect from your partnership:
     .    Report Processing – You will receive a detailed report identical to that which we receive from Arise

  • Record Keeping – A copy of your client opportunity and SOW is kept on file for the time frame in which we provide services to you
  • Support Services – A wide variety of services are provided to help you become and remain successful with your client accounts
  • Support Managers – Support Managers are in place to help with your quality and metrics. They will guide you on how to perform better and provide better service to your accounts
  • Incident Research & Resolution – Our dedicated team will advocate on your behalf, researching every issue and providing the detailed feedback that we receive and expediting a resolution.
  • Administrative Support Fee – Here at Greenlight  Services, our ultimate goal is to have the top performing clients for Arise. In order to provide the support and infrastructure necessary for our clients to achieve top performance our Administrative Support Fee to you is a Flat Administrative Support Fee of $55.00 per Invoice period does include the Arise fee of $19.75. There are two invoice periods. The 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the end of the month. The payments are processed according to the dates on the calendar on our website.
  • Direct Deposit Option – Receive your Service Revenue 1 business day via ACH transfer (no additional fee).
  • Mailed Check Option – Receive your revenue via mailed check within 5-7 business days
  • Becoming a client– To partner with Grenlight Services, please enter EIN# 83-147559 on the Arise Portal. If you’re transferring from a current IBO please email
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