Procure Incredible Income While Working From Home

There are numerous options to be able to work in the comforts of your own home. Some like to move toward it alone while others like to band together with a genuine and legitimate organization like ours. At Greenlight Services LLC, we assist you in getting through it all, looking for employment, and procuring incredible income.

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Path to Independence

Greenlight Services LLC permits you to work for yourself and work adaptable hours. When you work with us, you become your own boss. You would be able to set your timetable, select the customers you need to support, and secure as much income as you want.

Telecommuter-Friendly Services

Work From Home Services

Greenlight Services LLC is an organization that has practical experience in aiding telecommuters and occupation searchers to interface with our company and other comparative organizations. For a hopeful telecommuter who needs to have adaptable work openings brought to them, we are an organization you can trust.


"My Name is Chad David Based in Texas, Originally from Michigan! This was a great work at home Solution, This opportunity Fits right in with my frequent moves Due to Military Duties, The Freedom and flexibility to schedule was beyond my expectations."

- Chad David

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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee is a person who is directly hired and employed by Greenlight Services LLC. This person is under management and is expected to follow all policies, procedures, and guidelines as mandated through the company, local, and state regulations. A contractor is in agreement with Greenlight Services LLC and its affiliates. As a contractor, you have an obligation to fulfill the role that you are assigning yourself to. Being a contractor means you will need to follow policies, procedures, and guidelines from within Greenlight Services LLC, your client, and your local and state regulations. Contractors assume all legal and financial responsibilities of their agreements.

A payment agreement is made by the client for the work or services that they wish to have completed. Once the agreement has been settled on, it is expected that Greenlight Services LLC, its employees, and affiliates fulfill the agreement. Any additional requests made from the client cannot be guaranteed and will not be added to the agreement once it is drafted and finalized.

Pay is bi-weekly via check or ACH. Same-day ACH fees may apply.

A client is a person or company we are servicing and contractually obligating to service. A partner company is a company that we consult or work closely with, however, we do not have any financial or legal ties. A CSP (customer service provider) is the person who is performing the task or service for the partner or client.

Convenience fees are for services rendered outside of standard business hours; business hours vary. Traveling fees start at $5 and are added to services that are more than two miles from our office location.

Greenlight Services LLC believes it is essential in educating seniors on the fundamentals of the latest technology. We offer low-cost, income-based classes and services to senior citizens. This allows them the opportunity to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers without overcomplicating the process. The result leads us to a more cohesive bond between generations and technology.


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